Resort Trailers

Aussie made, owned and operated

We are proud to be Australian made, owned and operated. Resort Trailers has been locally owned and operated since 1984.

We take great satisfaction in being able to create unique high quality trailers for our community, many local businesses as well as the emergency services and other specialty clients.

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we care about where we get our parts and materials from

You can be assured we only use high quality parts and materials from reliable industry leading parts suppliers and manufacturers.

We believe in using Australian made, owned and manufactured as much as possible.

Too often we see inferior quality parts and materials used in trailers which leads to them breaking down and not lasting as they should.

Our trailers are high quality, premium, products of the materials and workmanship we put into them. Their longevity means they are the most cost effective solution in the long run.

OUr core values

We are very passionate about the work we do for our clients and as such a have a strong work ethic based on our core values.

we don't compromise on our standard

Designed for you
Built to order

We create a long term partnership

our local team is dedicated to delivering quality

We don't do "good enough".
Our standard for quality is not something we compromise on and is a part of the work ethic of each of our team members.
We work and hire locally and are proud to be involved in the community.

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Owner Danny holding a business award

the heart and soul of the business

Danny and Tina are the heart and soul of Resort Trailers.

They are dedicated to providing the best service and expertise to help you bring the vision of your ideal trailer to life.

They are customer focussed taking a personal approach to really understand what you need and how to create the best solution for your situation.

What sets us apart from the rest

We aren't just another trailer yard.

We have a personal approach focussed around building long term partnerships with our customers.
When we work with you to build your trailer we care about how you're going to use it and what the best solution for you is going to be.

Because this is how we choose run our business we usually maintain and service those same trailers we've built for many years afterwards.

We make your dream trailer a reality

We want our customers to have the right trailer to fit their wants and needs.

This is why we go into so much detail so we can create the perfect trailer for what you need now and in the future.

we build it
not import it

From planning to construction we are in control at every step of the process allowing us to maintain quality control over every aspect including materials, parts and workmanship.

We are your one stop trailer shop

We have you covered for all your trailer needs

We have new standard trailers built on site, build custom trailers, do fabrication, repairs, spares, services and maintenance.

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