Business outline

The products and services your business provides:


We make Trailers on site 

Sell trailer parts

Custom build trailers and mountings

Make and fit steel Ute trays

Blue slips

Pink slips

Repairs and maintenance service


The history of your business


In the beginning

Resort Trailers is 33 years old this year, we have always been located in Queanbeyan a small rural town within a seconds of the ACT broader.


Resort Trailers had humble beginnings, with first manufacturing small Resort style cabins, Resort then moved forward directing its business to making trailers.


This came about when the original owner made a trip to Melbourne area and saw a box trailer on the road which he liked to look off. He tracked it to the guys who made it, which happened to be two guys working out of  there small one car garage, he then gave them both a challenge to make him 4 trailers in one week. They did this staying up to after midnight to finish the trailers.


An agreement was meant with the three and both Resort Trailers and LDK trailers where born. This partnership has been somewhat forged in steel for the pass 30 years with both companies building, designing and moving forward at times together in different directions. Both with an end goal as the driving force behind them to only supply and construct the best possible product for the consumer.


The next chapter

Resort trailers some 13 years ago, was taken over by Daniel Fort a local Queanbeyan boy and is to this day the sole owner and operator.


Daniel is not only the driving force behind Resort Trailers he also is the head of the design team, the manager of quality control, creator of wild and wonderful designs, the over all the go to man. Daniel prides himself by his honesty, interiority and a over all job well done. 


Daniels off-siders Jason, Barry and Joe are all assets within them self, let alone assets for the business. They, like all the staff at Resort Trailers share there life experiences and knowledge integrate into a well oiled machine with at times amazing problem solving solutions.


Daniels end goal is the driving force behind the businesses 33 years success is to only supply and construct the best possible product for the consumer. A product which is long lasting, strong and always dependable. It is the at most importance to Daniel and his team that the “Resort Trailers brand” is one that is equal to being known as the best trailers made in Australia.


The customers who buy a Resort Trailer joins a family, a very large family which is growing every day. During the 33 years since the business starting we have sold approx 66,000 trailers along with  millions of spare parts, fixed and maintained over 120,000 trailers from the single axle box trailer, horse float, tradie trailer and so on.


The business is always evolving due to customer demand and their ever changing needs. This year we have developed the Resort horse float which has 8 uses in one and the “I party trailer” with is a party on wheels.


Resort Trailers is now making 100% of the trailers on site in Queanbeyan, Resort Trailers employee 14 staff, (which in its self is a full time business role). Being able to make all of trailers here on site enables us to further develop the Resort Trailer to be even bigger and better then it is now.



The team at Resort Trailers has a diverse range of characters, skill set and qualifications and experience within it. The age group range from 16 to 74 years young, we believe that this makes the business very unique and an advantage to our customers, the product and the business. Resort Trailers can offer a huge range of solution possibilities for our customer’s problems and issues, we have a huge net work of suppliers with year of experience backing our staff only being a phone call away.


Resort Trailers strive to be the go to one stop shop for all your trailer needs, we only supply the best products to both build and fix all types of trailers.